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About us.

I'm Kett, this is my animation cel collection, along with my sister, Maryann. I run this website, when I have time.

Maryann first had our animation art scans on her Ohio State website when she was an undergrad
l-o-n-g time ago. She had scans up there for a while until the images started getting ripped off and showing up on other sites and on bootlegged videos. For a long while we'd meant to put up another cel site, and finally seemed the perfect place to put it. I don't know a whole lot about web development, that's Maryann's thing.

I don't have this site to brag about the cels I have. I couldn't care less if I have the biggest or best collection, I simply own the cels that I love, and want to put up a site that showcases the amazing artwork of my favorite cartoons. I don't think people appreciate the time and effort that went into creating that fantastic cartoons of the 80's and it's not fair that some of the best animation ever done is dismissed as 22 min commericals.

A lot of my time is spent searching everywhere for cels, it's not all that I do. I work as a sound editor and mixer for tv spots. I started out working in animation, tho, but I've been full time in promos for a long while now. I show dogs, write music, and someday hope to actually finish the fan fiction I began writing a long while ago.

The 80's cartoon cels I collect mean the world to me, but I think I've had just as much fun tracking them down as I have had looking at them hung on my wall.

Curator: MacKettric
Gallery Created: 4/24/2003

Presentation 8.51/10   Collection 8.93/10   Overall 8.81/10   Votes 50 votes
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