Hello. Welcome to our gallery. Our collection focuses on the shows that shaped our childhood. The cartoons we grew up watching mean the world to us, and we hope other fans will enjoy seeing the art that went into creating our favorite childhood shows.

We collect 1980's animation art and are always looking to purchase more cels, especially from Dungeons & Dragons, Jem, & GI Joe. Click on our wishlist for a complete list of cels we're looking for.

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News & Updates

2/13/2016Update with Jem, Transformers and GI Joe cels and a Puppy's New Adventures drawing.
3/13/2013Updated with a title cel from Puppy's Great Adventures and a cel of Allura from Voltron. Previous updates include Jem and GI Joe.
10/17/2012Updated with a few Jem cels, a He-man cel and a new section for He-man & She-ra Drawings.
5/4/2012Added an assortment of cels over the past few days, few Jem, one of MASK, finally added the DotE cel.

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Title Last Updated
Alvin and The Chipmunks 6/10/2005
Belle & Sebastian 2/3/2012
Bionic Six 2/24/2006
Defenders of the Earth 5/2/2012
Dungeons & Dragons 8/2/2011
G.I. Joe Extreme 9/3/2011
GI Joe cels 2/14/2016
GI Joe Drawings 2/3/2012
GI Joe- Flint and Lady Jaye 6/10/2005
He-Man / She-Ra 10/17/2012
He-man / She-ra Drawings 10/17/2012
Inhumanoids 2/21/2006
Jem - Concept Art 3/23/2004
Jem & The Holograms 2/13/2016
Jem Drawings 3/17/2013
Jem- Misfits & Stingers 5/4/2012
Jem- Out of the Past 2/10/2013
Lazer Tag Academy 11/16/2009
M.A.S.K. 5/2/2012
Mighty Orbots 3/26/2004
Misc 5/2/2012
Mysterious Cities of Gold 3/22/2004
Pole Position 3/12/2010
Starcom 3/16/2008
The Little Prince 3/14/2010
The Littles 1/30/2007
The Puppy's New Adventures 2/14/2016
The Real Ghostbusters 5/15/2004
Thundercats / Silverhawks 1/30/2007
Transformers 2/14/2016
Transformers- Headmasters 7/6/2005
Voltron - Dairugger 3/13/2010
Voltron - Go Lion 3/13/2013

Curator: MacKettric
Gallery Created: 4/24/2003

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