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I watched a lot of cartoons when I was a kids, and none defined my childhood like Dungeons & Dragons. The quality of the show, the concepts, ideas, and characters were so beyond what any other show was doing on Saturday morning cartoons. D was the best.

My D&D cels are not for sale.

So getting any cels from Dungeons & Dragons is the biggest thrill possible. We've been very fortunate to find the cels we have, and are always hoping to find more. We will buy any D&D cel, in any condition. Any character, with or without background.

We have a few other Dungeons & Dragons cartoon on Maryann's site here, along with scans of storyboards and other info on the show.

 Bobby, Shelia, and Hank





 Venger Model Sheet
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Curator: MacKettric
Gallery Created: 4/24/2003

Presentation 8.51/10   Collection 8.93/10   Overall 8.81/10   Votes 50 votes
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