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We started collecting G.I. Joe cels in 1992, and several of my favorites were the first cels we purchased. We are always looking to buy more GI Joe cels. Please contact us if you have any for sale or trade.
For more of the cels my sister Maryann and I own, go to our other site

 GI Joe Group

 Cobra Group

 Destro, Zartan, Buzzer, Ripper

 Quick Kick vs Stormshadow

 Gung Ho and Roadblock


 Duke, Flint, Dusty


 Flint, Ace, Cover Girl, Duke
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Curator: MacKettric
Gallery Created: 4/24/2003

Presentation 8.51/10   Collection 8.93/10   Overall 8.81/10   Votes 50 votes
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