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M.A.S.K. cels

M.A.S.K. ranks as one of my favorite cartoons, and these cels take me back to my childhood when the biggest crisis in the world was when M.A.S.K. was on at the same time as G.I. Joe. My favorite characters are Matt, Scott, and Gloria, as is obvious by the cels up here. I'm always looking for more M.A.S.K. cels, 1st season only (I'm not a fan of the racing team episodes). I'm especially looking for any cels of Andrew Trakker, that's a major wishlist item.

 Matt & Scott

 Matt & Gloria

 Scott Trakker

 Matt Trakker


 Matt Trakker


 Looks like Mutiny Matt

 Scott & T-bob
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Curator: MacKettric
Gallery Created: 4/24/2003

Presentation 8.51/10   Collection 8.93/10   Overall 8.81/10   Votes 50 votes
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