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JemCon 2008
last modified: Tuesday, September 30, 2008 (4:54:37 PM CST)
Wow! The convention was awesome. JemCon 2008 had 7 guests, Roger Slifer had a table with model cels for sale.

I'm so glad I did the convention, but I'm also very happy it's over and I can get a bit of my life back.

I'll be doing a big update to my cel site now that my responsibilities with JemCon are less. I've got a ton of great cels that aren't up on the site.

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Update & JemCon
last modified: Sunday, March 16, 2008 (1:25:27 AM CST)
I had meant to overhaul my Rubberslug gallery. I can't believe it's been practically a year since I updated. I just added a few Jem, Voltron, and GI Joe cels.

I haven't had much time to concentrate on my RS gallery, or even cel collecting really. I've volunteered to be convention chair for the 2008 JemCon convention, and my attention has been focused solely on planing that.

What's JemCon you ask? JemCon is an annual Jem fan convention. The 4th annual JemCon will be in Los Angeles, hense why I'm con chair. It should be a great convention. I had such a blast at JemCon 2007 in Chicago.

I'm hoping I'll have time to do a cel collecting panel at JemCon. There should be a good collection of cels on display. I'll have some of mine, and I'm gonna twist the arms of a few of the other Jem cel collectors I know to bring their cels along.

If anyone's interested in learning more about JemCon, you can visit

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last modified: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 (10:39:18 AM CST)
I've been meaning to work on the site, but I haven't had a chance to scan much new artwork.

I want to do this small update to add the new Silverhawks cover art piece, I suppose it would be considered hanken. I broke my normal rule of not getting large pieces like this, because this was just too cool.

I also added a few scans of some MASK cels, a neat Belle & Sebastian cel w/ background, and a Smurfs publicity cel with Johan. I don't really collect Smurfs cels, but I really loved Johan as a kid (he was voiced by Michael Bell), so I've bought a few cels of Johan and Pewit over the years.
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Small update
last modified: Monday, June 05, 2006 (2:05:47 PM CST)
Finally updated the cel site. Just a few of the normal cels, Voltron, MASK, Silverhawks. The usual. I'm still working on getting some new Jem cels, hopefully... that will happen soon. Waiting is the hardest part of cel collecting.

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last modified: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 (9:16:42 AM CST)
I added a few miscellaneous cels and two Silverhawks cels. Might add a few more things, depends on what I end up scanning today.

It's been a good few months for cel collecting. Probably too good. I've filled up another flat file cabinet, cel storage is becoming a serious issue. Not that I'm complaining.

But I've been lucky to find a lot of cels recently that I never thought I'd ever own, in particular a fantastic MASK cel of Matt & Gloria. I've been lucky to find some awesome MASK cels in the past- but I had given up hope of ever finding a cel of Matt & Gloria together. I'm very happy about that cel. I'll update my MASK section when that cel arrives- hopefully today :)
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last modified: Friday, December 30, 2005 (7:39:29 PM CST)
It's been a great year for cel collecting. I've been very fortune to find a lot of fantastic cels I've always wanted, and many that I didn't know I wanted until I saw them!

For this update, I added a few cels from Jem, a few GI Joe, a few from He-man just to round out the galleries on my Rubberslug site.
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last modified: Monday, October 10, 2005 (9:09:43 AM CST)
Wow, it's been a great couple of months for cel collecting. I've found a few cels I've always wanted to own, and added a dozen or so new GI Joe cels.

This site update includeds a two new Belle & Sebastian cels on backgrounds, and a few fantastic He-man cels, and a few misc cels.
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New Update
last modified: Monday, July 18, 2005 (2:28:46 AM CST)
I finally decided to list a few cels on eBay, so far I've added a cel from Inhumanoids (my only one of Auger), a cel of Fortress Maximus from Headmasters, a cel of Sebastian from Meiken Jolly, and I actually decided to part with my cel of Rio. I liked it as a companion cel for my other two pieces from Midsummer's Night, but... With the ammount I've been spending on cels in the last 6 months plus the move to the new house, I have to raise a bit of money for new cel purchases.

I'm not sure if I'll add anything else to eBay, considering it's taken me 7 years to actually sell something on eBay....

The only updates I'll make to the site in the next few months are a bunch more of my unknowns, and probably a new category for the weirld old anime cels I now know what they are
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First Update
last modified: Monday, July 18, 2005 (2:28:34 AM CST)
I forgot to update the blog for the last few updates, and I wanted to mention a few really awesome cels I've added to the site. First off- my new Pole Position cel of Daisy and Kuma from Shadow of a Trout w/ Daisy walking Kuma like a dog. I SOOOO wanted a cel from that scene.

Next off I added the cel of Sven from Voltron. Sven was my 2nd fav character in Voltron (1st is Lance) Dunno, I guess I like characters voiced by Mike Bell. I usually don't like cels that are portraits, but-- I just love this cel. There's a LONG story with this cel and I guess I was destined to own it.

And the recent purchases at Comic Con. I finally broke down and got a Gargoyles cel from Van Eaton. Totally awesome. While I was tempted by some of the AMAZING cels they have on backgrounds, the one I had to have was a fantastic shot of Elisa, Goliath, Angela and Bronx (my fav characters) together looking thru glass like they're looking right at me. Too cool.
And I worked doing pre-production dialogue editing on the last season of Gargoyles, so Gargoyles has a lot of meaning to me.

I've picked up a few awesome pieces- a Silverhawks cel, a cel of Tink from Peter Pan & the Pirates, loads of stuff I never thought I'd find, plus the usual GI Joe, Pole Postion, Belle & Sebastian, and some old cels from an editor friend of mine.
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last modified: Saturday, July 16, 2005 (9:29:26 PM CST)
I've added a few unknown cels to the site. Both stuff I've gotten from conventions over the years, and wacky anime cels that I got in a lot with my first Lion-o cel.
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Sites stealing cel images
last modified: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 (4:33:22 AM CST)
Apparently, scans of cels are nothing more than screengrabs to steal and put up on your site.

I wanted to have a cel site to show my favorite cartoons weren't 22 min commericals, but works of art- with amazing detail and talent that is no longer seen in animation. From the first time I saw my first GI Joe cel, I've been amazed by cels, and wanted for other fans to see exactly what it took to create the cartoons that shaped our childhood. But I guess I'm stupid. Cel scans are just images to rip off for your own page.

No, I haven't lost it. But while exploring why scans of 2 of my favorite Jem cels were being used by someone selling buttons on eBay, I found out that several Jem sites have stolen my cel images from my sister's old cel site, and now refuse to remove these images. How stupid we were when we uploaded large scans without watermarks.

Over the next few days, I will be seriously revising this site- and taking advantage of the private area. Or I might just close the site down. I haven't decided yet.
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Slowest Update
last modified: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 (4:09:32 AM CST)
The stack of cels I need to scan isn't getting any smaller, but I have added a few scans in the
last few weeks I am very proud to own. I can't say enough about the fantastic Ruby Spears cels
I've gotten recently. It is so amazing that any of this artwork survived. I still have hopes I
will someday find a Lazer Tag cel or a Puppy's cel of Dash, Duke, and Lucky.
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last modified: Thursday, April 07, 2005 (6:07:38 AM CST)
I know I should be adding the new stack of DIC cels I've gotten, but I've totally been distracted by the fantastic Ruby-Spears cels recently on eBay. DIC's stuff is pretty common, especially now, but Ruby-Spears!!!.... I am shocked to own any production cels from the Puppy's series. I still am waiting to find production cels from Lazer Tag Academy.
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last modified: Saturday, February 19, 2005 (5:17:09 AM CST)
I decided to put a few cels for sale in the Rubberslug shop. I listed a nice group cel from "Machine Robo", a cel of Sebastian from "Belle and Sebastian", a cel from "The Little Prince". I might add a few more.
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last modified: Saturday, February 12, 2005 (10:49:23 PM CST)
I've added scans of a few new cels I just got but haven't arrived yet. Totally thrilled to find such cool Thundercats & Bionic cels. I should probably add some of my new MASK and Pole cels sometime this weekend too.
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last modified: Sunday, January 16, 2005 (5:55:34 PM CST)
I'm working on updating the site with a few of my fav cels that I don't want floating around on the net, so I'm attempting to put the scans in the private section of my site. Excuse any wonkiness in the site while I update.
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More Updates
last modified: Monday, January 10, 2005 (5:33:19 AM CST)
I changed a few things with the site this weekend, added some new cels, in the Pole Position, GI Joe- Flint & LJ, and Misc sections, and took down some cels that just seemed to be too much or repetitive. I also listed my Machine Robo cel in Rubberslug's Shop, so if anyone's interested in purchasing it check there.
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More additions
last modified: Friday, December 17, 2004 (2:32:43 AM CST)
I've added a bunch of misc cels and odds and ends to the site, including my favorite MASK cel, the slightly odd cel of Matt carrying a giant panda bear. I don't think I've ever added a scan of it to any of my cel sites before.

I also added scans of a few Caddies and Dinos backgrounds. I really think the artwork from that show is outstanding, and extremely recognizable.

The update also included my newest Pole Position cel, a very nice group shot. I'm happy to finally have a cel with Dan, Tess, Daisy, and Kuma together, and there's a teddy bear. Suppose there's kind of a theme with the cel of Matt as well.

Pole cels have really gone from ultra rare to a bit on the common side. Looks like several dealers have more. I'm happy a lot more survived than I ever thought did.

Future updates will probably include a few of my newer Jem cels if I ever get around to scanning them. I hate framed cels. And probably will add a few more Flint and/or LJ cels since those seem to be quite popular.

That's it for now,
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New Additions 12/14/04
last modified: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 (10:18:50 PM CST)
Figured I'd test out this blog thing.

I added a scan of my newest MASK cel, and scans of the Pole Position cels that are on the way to me right now. I can't tell you how excited I am to finally find Pole Position cels, I really didn't think I would ever find any.

I also added a scan of a Jem cel of Pizazz from Stingers Hit Town Part 2, I'm not really a Misfits fan at all, but that is one of my favorite episodes, so it's cool to add that cel. I probably should add the Rapture & Pizazz cel from the same episode, even though it really bothers me that the cel is missing the blender overlay.

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